zaterdag 1 september 2012

SUMMER @ Wijkiki 25th August 2012

a little VID from last wavesesh @ Wijk aan zee.

Summer @ Wijkiki 25th of august 2012 from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

Last friday 31-08 i missed out on a huge swell and big winds, again cause of surgery and recover i couldnt go out. Bad timing i guess, but I found some time to edit a vid from last weekends session! ---------------- An impression of how it was like on the 25th of august @ Wijk aan Zee - NL. It looks like it was quite a Tablesesh! Finally some wind. Its been a while that ive been wavesailing. Stoked! It was an on and off day with very heavy HAIL periods. That combined with a little sunshine! :-) I think it was about a 6 beaufort to its peak in the hail a max of 10 beaufort. In those moments i couldnt see much sailing back to the beach. I had no Point-7 Sails to use, as i sold most of them allready. My new ones are coming withing a few weeks. Luckily i could borrow a Maui Sails Legend 4.7m2 from Bart. Most of the day i was underpowerd, and yet at times fully powered up. At the end of todays session it was good for a 4.0m2 only i didnt had any strenght left to walk the walk and change my gear :-) Hope you'll enjoy the vid.

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