vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Sunny eveningsesh @horst 25-5-2012

Summer days are coming finally! What to do with a little breeze and a day like like this? summercruising for sure! i took my 7.9m2 out ofthe sack and my Mistral-AB+ 123L for some quality time.
it was allready evening so i was planning to surf till sunset. After a while i thought.. hey lets go for a PR on the hour. So decided to do long laps towards the other end of the lake. which is i think 3.5-4kilometer laps? Doing several laps non stop till the hour is completed. My fastest hour isnt that fast (31,09kmh) at all as i never been paying attention to it. i was on fire, didnt fell in the water at all. on the last 15 minutes the wind vanished for about 10minutes. which costed me the pr.(30,81kmh) Bummer. GPS-speedsurfing.com todays gps statistics: session_date vrijdag 25 mei 2012 Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands Board Mistral AB+ Slalom 123, 2011 sail Point-7 AC-1 2K11 7.9, 2011 Fin C3 STING 38 Type GPS Navi GT-31 average speed 47,49 kmh ( 51,74 49,47 47,12 44,7 44,44 ) Max. 2 sec. (software) 53,91 kmh
100 m run 52,66 kmh 250 m run 50,49 kmh 500 m run 47,74 kmh Nautical mile 40,11 kmh 1 uur 30,81 kmh Alpha racing 28,79 kmh distance 55 km
Duur 02:09:00 Windspeed 12 - 21 knots Wind direction NE ( 270)
had a blast today with my buddy Aart ! i tried a few laps on his gear aswell, the new challenger racesails 2012 which felt superlight, stable, good rotation and FAST. thanks Aart.
time to go home

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