zondag 15 april 2012

SUPing and Wavesailing @ IJmuiden 15-4-2012

windspeed 9.5 ms - 13.5 ms
winddirection 358 - 20 degrees.
watertemperature 10 degrees.

On my way to IJmuiden for a another cold session.

Minimal waves and around 4-5 beaufort.. decided to go on my SUP first. For me it was today the very first time doing it in the sea with waves.
Ive been supping for about max 1.5 hours.

The wind got stronger by the time.

I have to admit it was quite difficult and i sure do need more practise ripping waves with a SUP. But id enjoyed it a lot.

Afterwards i rigged up my 5.4m2 Sado 2G and quad LS95 underneeth.. HAd my piece of fun, but hoped for bigger waves.

I had some really nice waverides.. unfortunately my GoPro wasnt fully charged, it ran out of battery in couple of laps.

HAd to be home in time, around 3pm i loaded my car and got back home asap.
control at the exitgate, but didnt had to pay, cause the owner of the place still owed me a freeparkingticket. :-)

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