zondag 1 april 2012

Skyline @ Zandvoort 31 march 2012

Northern wind around 5-6 beaufort... Where to go? It was first my intention to go towards IJmuiden/IJmuiderslag, but out there were no waves at all!

Means why i ended up @ The Skyline of Zandvoort. See on the background of the pic.

Waves, but combined with a strong current.
I rigged my 5.4m2 and 95L and of we go.

It was nice to see several surfbuddies again @the skyline.

About todays session, Ive been walking to many kilometres with my gear along the coastline 8-) What a current! But hey.. i wasnt the only one walking.. :-)

Check the background.. a train of backpackers ;o)

It was nice to be on the water again, but ive had better days for sure. The water was still quite cold, but at least we got a bit of sun!

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