zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Closing off 2012 with a BANG ! @ Wijkiki- NL - 31-12-2012

The last day of the year  2012

Temperatures above a little above freezing point and windy... what would you do?

Go windsurfing!

I started the day with a 4.6m2  5-Oceans  and Quatro Quad LS85.

i do have to admit the 4.6m2 was quite big at the time.  i was able to hold onto it but most people around were using 4.0-4.2m2.

For a few hours i used the 4.6 and had some nice waverides and sometimes an aerial of the lipp coming out the pocket.

Later on i did switch to my 3 batten sail point-7 swag 4.2m2.  What a superb sail that is, very light and feels light in hands. its more stabile that you would expect from a 3 batten sail. Very different to my earlier sails ive used (the sado's)  But getting used to them quickly. It improves my waveridingstyle though.  From then on things went so much more easy.  had several other aerial off the lips and went home with a smile.  What a nice day to close of   the year.  Closed the night of with a bang!

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