zondag 3 februari 2013

Starting the season with a ColdSesh @IJmuiden

Kicking of the season 2013 today at IJmuiden. Date: Saterday 2 february 2013.

Rigged up 2sails for this occasion. a 6.2 & 5.2m2
I started the sesh with 5.2m2 P7 salt. The wind was up and down but seemed enough for a nice waveridingsesh.
Had a few nice rides at ijmuiderslag. One set was quite nice and logohigh, had luck catching that one! Overall during the day it was headhigh.
It was nice seeing a lot of surfbuddy's out there , and Ripping it up.
Several teammembers from www.boardkings.com  Jacco and Peter were ripping out there too, that on there biggest waveboards! Peter was using his Quatro Quad LS 110 2013 and Jacco was on a Quatro Thruster 102 L 2013!  to bad i couldnt try out both boards at the time for a little spin. the boys were just to busy ripping.

My quad ls95 did the job once again. Such an awesome board that is.

After a few hours i was getting my 6.2m2 While I was doing that, the wind was coming back in hard. So I de-rigged my 6.2 again and yet walked the walk with once more 5.2  ;-)
On the water, the wind was gone again.
A Joyful moment that was. :-P

Upto the next session.

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