woensdag 23 januari 2013


The other day i went with my friend Robin to DAS BOOT in Dusseldorf!

I wasnt planning to buy anything as i can say, my quiver is quite complete as it is :-) but its always nice to see and talk to several people from the windsurfindustry  and get to see all the new 2013 equipment.

Robin bought a used JP SUP , an All in One sup.

will it fit in the car?? nope... luckily he had some handiracks in the back.

 The Sup should be good enough for laid back supping, waveriding and it has a mastbase insert, in the middle below also powerbox insert which makes it perfect for kiddywindsurfing.
specfs 9'9 x 32inch. a Happy man Robin is :D Now he can sell his enourmous 13ft Gong Sup which is like 20kilos or more.

The best thing of this event was ofcourse the bradtwurst!

okay, i got home with just one goodie.. A Mystic sharkskin neoprene jacket.. so i dont freeze off my bollocks these wintermonths at the parkinglot ;-)

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