dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Starboard BLACK BOX 2014!!!

What a Beauty !
the Starboard BLACKBOX waveboard - 87 Liter,

ive read about it earlier and finally could see it with my own eyes at DAS BOOT Dusseldorf.
It should be a superb board in light conditions.  To bad there is just 'One size only'! the 87liter version.
I heard you can order the blackbox  in april and its delivered from May 2013... but you ll be ripping a 2014 model! ;)

The people from starboard told me there will be no bigger or smaller versions of the black box.
To bad for the heavier sailors who wants a lightwindboard with a little bit of extra float/volume... :-(

this concept should be awesome in lightwinds.. only not for the heavier sailors i think. or
For me example.. Id like to float a litte with minimal winds.. meaning 100liter is needed.

but nonetheless the black box looks amazing.

The square tail is wide... Really wide! 30cm ;) the backstraps is placed  far  backwards close to the tail

funny detail, look at the masttrack, its not placed straight inside the board!
As the board is one size only, it looks like the baseplate can only be placed aswell on one place only, exactly in the middle and nowhere else.

The specfs are innovative and pushing its limits   215 x 62cm wide !  I LIKE !

the nose of the board, reminds my of my S.O.S. Rocketfish boards which i had for many years., a full/wide pointy nose.

deep concaves, with a trailer fin concept!  2 wider fins on each side and a little bit (2cm) smaller/thruster/trailer  fin in the middle.. slotboxes on the side and  US in the middle.

I would love to try out a lightwind wave board shaped for heavier guys, with the same concept.

Maybe i should go for a custom one of  these days :-)

UPDATE April 2013  >> and custom it is!
see my box 103L project here > 
its insane!
part1 http://www.edwinvansanten.blogspot.nl/2013/03/sneak-preview-part-1-flikka-black-box.html
part2 http://www.edwinvansanten.blogspot.nl/2013/03/sneak-preview-flikka-eds-box-part-2.html
part3 http://www.edwinvansanten.blogspot.nl/2013/04/my-flikka-custom-box-project-103l.html
part4 http://www.edwinvansanten.blogspot.nl/2013/04/flikka-eds-box-of-gold-final-chapter.html
first time on water..sick!!!
part5 http://www.edwinvansanten.blogspot.nl/2013/04/low-end-sesh-wijkiki-beach-nl-14-april.html

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoy Edwin,

    The blackbox is actually the "promodel" from Dany bruch, and pretty much the same size than his conceptboard. And Dany is 85 or maybe 90kg so, I'm not sure it is really a board for light medium weight riders...
    I really would like to try it but I think that for exemple with my 75kg I would need a 77L version (maybe 60cm wide).
    Just a supposition though...


  2. Hey Nico,
    im sure this concept works. although i personally like to have a bit more float/volume for a lightwindboard. so got a few ideas around and hope soon to have a lightwind customboard for our dutch mushy waves! but its in a early fase now. with your weight having a 77L in this concept would be rad! where is it that you surf? a Blackbox87 would be a great lightwindboard/floater thou for your weight.