maandag 31 december 2012

The Sandmotor - Zandmotor 30 december 2012

The  Sandmotor..  conditions should been perfect.. and it was.
only i came to late ;o)
walked the walk with my 4.2 swag and LS85.. finally on the water... no wind, but nice waves!
My friends Jacco, Helmut and Richard were ripping it up and also coming back to shore.
As i was stuburn, i went out anyway. Wasted a lot of energy to get behind the breaks.
and in return i got a really long swim back to the shore. :( The wind kinda vanished even more.
Rigged off my swag 4.2 and switched over to Salt 5.2m2 + LS95.

With my biggest board, i was able to plane so now and then. but it wasnt more then that.
Waves were getting mushy.  Not my day!

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