zondag 16 december 2012

ICE COLD WINTERSESSION @ IJmuiden 10december 2012

The other day i took the monday off work. A northern swell was hitting our coastlines combined with crossoffshore winds. Didnt want to miss out on that one.
When i arrived in the morning around 10:00am the strong wind i hoped for was allready gone , bummer. The biggest sail i took with me today was a P7 salt 3g 5.6m2.
Rigged the 5.6 and underneeth my quatro quad LS95. This combo rocks! The wind was very minimal, at times 3 beaufort. behind the breaks it was sometime like 5 beaufort. the temperature was just 2 degrees above zero! seatemperature was even warmer this time (6degrees) Yikes.
i hardly planed on the way out, it was just a joyfull waveriding kinda day on the way in. A Vid from todays mellow wavesession will be coming online soon!

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