maandag 24 december 2012

Cruising and chophopping at the Zandmotor 23-12-2012

Where to go..

Sideonshore WSW directions and force 7!
Today we decided to go towards the Zandmotor.

 The Zandmotor is located in the south of Holland. It should be a good spot if the swell is working.  The winddirection WSWover there is more sideshore, but unfortunately hardly any swell this time.

A lot of guys from the boardkings ireland windsurftrip where present. A little reunion at the zandmotor!  :-)

A few pictures below how it was like today. Pictures taken by Jacco B.
I was sailing the white 4b. 5oceans 4.6m2 and LS85.

i had a few laps aswell on the quatro thruster 2013 82Liters from Jacco. An awesome board, with a total differnt feel as on the LS quad85.
For now i prefer my good old quad though.

trying a table..looks like one handed.. crashed afterwards

cruising with the LS85.

here below is my buddy robin, surfing the NP 4.2 with his JP quad 68!

my friend Robin, had a gopro mounts on his masttop and boom. See below the results :


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