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Hurricane session @ Wijkiki -NL 25 november 2012

picture made by: Jepe.nl

A Hurricane session?

it sure looked like one!  I was way overpowerd on the Point-7 SWAG'13 3.2m2! Took my sons sail to play out there. In the early morning when i arrived i saw lampie on the parkinglot, mentioned it was to much for his 3.6m2! He planned to wait out the eye of the storm untill later today. the forecast said the wind would decrease later on around 3pm. As it was 11am at the time and a full blowing 10beaufort with 11 beaufort gusts?
My other friend Robin canceld last moment knowing it was to much, he went instead to a lake. My other friend BArt, did go out there and decided to make pictures first.. and maybe perhaps go on later on. I was not planning to wait out the biggest storm of the year and rigged up my sons kiddysail P7 3.2m2 SWAG!

Pictures below made by BArt ter Haar
As you can imagine it was not very crowded on the water during the afternoon. 3 guys max, including me all using 3.2/ 3.3m2 wavesails and still being overpowerd. I was on my Quatro Quad LS75'12 for the first time, and for the first on my swag 3.2m2.

As the conditions were quite radical i can say, for this occasion i put on my helmet and impactvest ;)
My dad came by for this occasion and was standing on the pier, making videofootage.
My friend Bart Ter Haar was making pictures from the pier aswell. 2 guys on the lookout for when something goes wrong.
The first hour or so, i was to much overpowerd, didnt find really the right settings. i was catapulting non stop when i got airborn. non stop 50+ knots in the sky doesnt gave me good control.

MAX 57,7Knots / GOPRO HD2 screenshot..  The HURRICANE vid will follow soon!
a tabletop sequence with force 11!
Overpowerd on the 3.2!
a nice flat speedstrip before take off!
and there we go one of the many big floaty jumps !

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