zondag 17 maart 2013

Cold Wijkiki with the kiddies - 16 march 2013

                                       COLD WIJKIKI

As i had 3 family visits today and no babysitting today,  i decided during some familystops go to the beach of Wijkiki for for a few moments and try out my new Nikon D7000 Camera and  my Nikon 80-200mm AF-D 2.8.

Took all shots out of hand, a monopot would of been better for less blurry pictures, but didnt  carry one with me as i had 2 kids with me and got my hands full on them allready ;o)

Most pictures  i took of my little kiddies ofcourse.

It was quite an offshore day, with so now and then really nice waves close to the beach. The action was minimal though, but some guys made out the best of it.

           Hereby a few windsurfing shots of todays session.

           Peter v G into the bottum turn!
                              Here below, RUUT in action!
                      Sweet lines
                       Ehhh Wijkiki Wildlife !  testing the camera :-)
                          unknown rider...

Boardkings Teammember and surfbuddy Peter v G  stoked about his Quatro Quad LS 110L !!!!

                              Below, Bas M.

                              Chilling after a nice session  Peter and Ruut

The Old Man,  Peter vG  8-)   warming up after a nice session... See you next time on the water mate!

More pictures you can find on Facebook , search there for ' BoardKings '

Next time ill be hitting the water myself! Cant wait allready.

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