woensdag 27 maart 2013


For a while i've been thinking about a board which would fullfill my demands.

A few months ago I sold my Quatro Quad LS95, a superb board which I've been using the last years with lots of pleasure. 

But it was time for change! 

Last January I've been to Das Boot in Dusseldorf and saw this Black Box concept from Starboard.
For a long time i was allready thinking about  a concept like this. Several other brands allready came out with a extreme short board aswell.  Finally there is a production version coming out.
But going from a quad ls 95L back to a 87L BBX didnt sound very logical to me.
Although they(Starboard) claims it to be a lightwind board. I'm sure the BBX does plane quick, but the float in my opinion stays put on 87L. On minimal days i do almost sink on a 95L. Having a lightwindboard with 8 liters less on volume will not do the magic trick for me.

I allready have a 75 & 85 liter quad for the windier days.. but would love to have a rocking lightwind waveboard! 8-)

I want a board that actually floats when the wind suddenly dies on me,  planes quicker then i can get into my harness, turns on a dime,  a light construction, feeling loose and snappy.

A bottom/rocker-shape that is perfect for our NASTY DUTCH MUSHY,everything but perfect waves along the Dutch coastline.                 Yeah... where to find such a board?

I got in contact with the boys, Luka and Janez, from FLIKKA Customboards Slovenia. 

Luka the shaper very much liked the idea building me such a full customized board.   I wanted it to be very short, wide but not extremely width, a slighlty inverted fishtail (not shown on this picture yet) and yet quite important push 103Liters into this concept!  yeah and making sure it still has very thin rails in the tailarea!  

 What do you think? See picture below. :-)   

Pump up the Jamm... Ehh  Pump up the thickness off the board i guess, in the middlesection. Let the width/outline of the board increase further over the masttrack into the nose area and round it of in a fishy pointy nose!  Yeah the way I LIKE.  A windsurfboard looking like  a fish short surfboard.

Check out the outline.. its stunning!  I censored the Cad a bit, if you dont mind.

Dyneema reinforcements around the mast/deck area and around the nose. So my custom could still handle some serious punishment in the breaks.

More to come very soon!

                            Stay tuned for part 2.

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