zaterdag 16 juni 2012

New Vid! STORMCHASE @Wijkiki - NL

The last week i had to miss out several awesome wavesessions! Its been finally windy..but no surfing for me.. Main reason is that i had eyelasersurgery done last week and am not allowed to do any wavesailing for atleast 4 weeks! Now a week passed by, i can finally see 1080HD without any glasses. Never need any glasses no more! Finally able to read the waves between the lines 8-) and see the gusts coming in. No more hidden surprises on the surface waiting for me to crash into :-) As all of this, i got some time left to do some editing again. I had some footage left of a insane winter stormchase session. The wind was so very extreme, i couldnt hardly handly my gear. I've should of rigged the 3.3m2 from the beginning. But started with 5.0m2 and ended it with 4.0m2. With todays max windspeed 56knots.. you can imagine it was a bit much.... Too Much- song by Alex Clare, Enjoy the STORMCHASE vid! Watch it in HD!

STORMCHASE @Wijkiki Beach - NL Wintersession (GOPRO HD2) from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

Windspeeds 40- 56knots SideOnshore conditions.

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