zondag 18 december 2011

Sideon, @ IJmuiden 18 december 2011

a day @ IJmuiden, minimal windconditions. But there was swell coming in!!
Rigged the 5.4 and LS95 underneeth.. Had my bits of fun again.
surfbuddy Torben and his witchie!!

I had some delay getting on the water. Got everything rigged to go. Wetsuit on, winterboots, cap.. ready to walk the walk with gear towards the beach. Oyea my harness, then i realised SHOOT i left my dakine T4 harness at home.. #$^%. Luckily the kiteshop on the boulevard was still open, and after a bullshitconversation able to rent a kiteharness. strange dude in the shop by the way. He asked me, what it was worth to me to rent a kiteharness. I said max 5euro for 2hours. He said, first go surf and then decide whats worth to you and pay then? No, i pay now 5 euro and stop the bullshit. He was like or buy some stuff in our kiteshop and you can borrow the kiteharness for free. i was not amused by that noncense. Just give me the damn kiteharness and ill go surfing for 2 hours and youll get it back. Dropped 5euros and my licence on the counter and left.

bottomturning.. the wind was sideon. managed to do some nice turns, but i had some better days for sure.

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