woensdag 7 december 2011

Another AB+54 session @ Horst 08-12-2011

Finally a bit of wind @ Horst.
But first things first.. bringing my kiddies to my sister in law. to babysit this afternoon 8-) thanks!

Looks like i finally got some PR's today :-)
Could of used my speedboard AB+46 speed instead of my AB+54slalom.
But then again.. Now i have something still to look forward too.
Im happy about todays speed on the AB+54 slalom.

session_date woensdag 7 december 2011
Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands
Board AB+ 54, 2009
Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 6.3, 2011
Type GPS Navi GT-31

Gemiddelde snelheid 68,23 kmh ( 69,24 68,52 68,29 67,83 67,26 )
Max GPS 72,72kmh

Max. 2 sec. (software)72,25 kmh
100 m run 70,82 kmh
250 m run 67,49 kmh
500 m run 62,74 kmh
Nautische mijl 44,5 kmh
1 uur 16,59 kmh
Alpha racing 0 kmh
Afstand 36 km
Duur 01:00:00
Windsnelheid 18 - 38 knots
Wind richting W ( 270)

The Point-7 AC1-2k11 6.3m2 was a bit big.. I dont have a smaller racesail. At times overpowerd but mostly i was able to hang on. A 5.5 and a speedboard would be a better setup i think for today.

my windmeter gave lower speeds..

Next time its windy like today, i'll definately try out my AB+46 speed.

My speedbuddy Aart V. also an AB+ sailor! 8-) he didnt had much luck today as his board blew away agains someones car.. Next time we can do a little battle together Aart!

Tommorow its even more windy. But ill take a break from the speedsailing. Going for a another stormchase wavesession tommorow, probaby sailing the 3.3m2 again @ the zandmotor

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