donderdag 29 december 2011

sideoff session @ The Zandmotor - 28th of december 2011

As i was able to go out for a bit of surfing, i went to the Zandmotor . Unfortunately by arrival it was low tide, shallow waves. At the point of the Zandmotor, at times there were beautifull long 'small' waves. The direction of the wind was a little bit sideoff. Perfect.
There were only kiters on the water in the beginning. Later on when i was busy out there.. more windsurfers came along.

As the windmeter gave right away gusts of 31knots.. with an average around 20knots i rigged my Sado 2g 5.0m2 and quatro quad LS95

The wind was on and off during the day, but overall a 5.0m2 size was the best choice. A few hours later it became hightide and more swell was coming in. I took my Gopro HD with me and shot some nice footage.

Whenever the winter starts to kick in. ill have still tuns of movies to edit. 8-) The media in our country were talking about a 'horror'winter coming up, but so far its the warmest winter since many years. 'Like' !!

Here below a few gopro shots.

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