zaterdag 3 december 2011

De Zandmotor 3 december 2011

Tried out a new spot today.

De Zandmotor which is located below at Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan, Loosduinen..

Looks like an awesome spot to be sailing at. The direction of the wind was quite west. i heard it could be sideonshore at the Zandmotor. Finally arrived... late as usual. the winddirection was allready changed to WNW.. which is unfortunately onshore for The Zandmotor.

Petervg normally a Wijklocal was at the spot aswell.

In the early morning it was much more sideshore with decent waves I heard. But okay i did have my piece of fun.. Glad i took my big board with me.

I been sailing around with the quatro Quad LS95 and 5.4m2 Sado 2g.


In the beginning the wind was very minimal.. but kicked in a bit later on. Been sailing till darkness came in. Shot a bit of gopro movie and made some pictures out there.

Here below some statistics of the gps gt31.

going round and round and bail out!!

I think this spot can REALLY ROCK with the right conditions.

SSW 7-9 beaufort that probably would be it! Time will tell.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, nich Info! Do you Thing zandmotor is a good Wavespot? What Wind direction would Be the Best? Better then wijk? And can you Tell me the diff between scheveningen and wijk? By what degrees wijk and when scheveningen? Some locals told me thisinfo along Time ago!
    I go always to wijk, i Love this Spot! Till now my absolut favourite Spot! Im there very often! PLZ live me Some Info! Thanks and See you in wijk

  2. Hi Henry, The zandmotor is definaly a good spot. you need a WSW direction to have it sideshore out there. Which is most of the time. South would be bits crossofshore. The waves at the point of the zandmotor can be insane. Ill definately go there more often coming year. Normally i also sail on Wijk. (the last 20 yrs) there s nothing wrong to be ripping @ other good spots ;) Best spot of the country is IJmuiden though, that when there is good swell coming in combined with strong northern winds. would be a bit of 'cold' hawaii in NL . CU on the water, Mahalo Edwin