zondag 29 januari 2012

Das Boot - Die Goodies - Toys for Boys.. ehh die mädchen! @dusseldorf

I went with friend/Robin to Germany,Dusseldorf for our yearly shopping trip!
many stands/halls with al kinds of watersports

and definately crowded as always.

Best moment of the day.. eating deutche bratwursten!

We got home with a few goodies. Robin bought some surfboots, boardbag and a kiddyrig 2.0m2.
I got home with a Kialoa Methane Paddle for SUP-ing. YES!

Now my SUP gear is finally complete. But ofcourse its freezing and it doesnt seems to stop freezing anytime soon.

When i got home, i had a surprise for my sweet little 2year old daughter!!!

Her very first own kiddyrig.. the smallest one i could get. a 1.0m2 kidrig.

a bit of rigging with her big brother

A bit of fine tuning for my little daughter 8-) She was all smiles.

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