maandag 13 februari 2012


The other day i picked up a 123L boat!

Its the biggest board in my quiver (next to my SUP Starboard elements 9,8" 148L) and the only windsurfboard i have that actually floats.
this board completes my raceboard collection. AB+46(63L), AB+54(78L), AB+59(95L).. im skipping the 100-110Liter range this time and straight onto 123L. Easy cruising, more float, quicker planing = more fun on the water in low wind conditions.
lenght 238cm width 75cm volume 123L

I'm planning to do a few long distances with this board.. probably a few sessions from 100-200 upto 300 kilometres coming spring/summer. Lakes are still frozen at the time. We'll have to wait it out i guess

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