dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Cold Wintersession @ wijkiki 18 february 2012

As the lakes were still frozen and i had to be home around 12:30pm (celebrating my 3yr old daughters birthday and celebrating my own 34yr old birthday) i went for a short early morning session.

When i arrived noone was out there. Shit.

hmmms.. I went anyway, although planned not go to far out and not do any crazy stuff sailing on my own. First time this year being on the water. Didnt got washed or anything. Im glad, it was to damn cold for swimsessions. Watertemperature is still about 2.5/3.0 degrees celsius.

I had 4 layers on my body..2 neoprene shirts, then a shorty and over that my oneill psychofreak 4.5/3.5 combined with a neoprene cap. As always, only had frozen hands.

At the end i had some issues with my harnass which got teared all of a sudden.

On armstrength i had to survive back to shore. i was allready tired and slightly overpowerd. Luckily managed to get back. Walked the walk and Got my things packed.
while packing my car 2 other people arrived and were giving it a try.

Drove home asap to be home in time for my own/ daughters b'dayparty. My wife would of killed me when 35 people were coming and i wasnt there ;-))

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