donderdag 16 juni 2011

Suits & Fashion

Last month we had several wetsuits coming in for the whole family.
My boy outgrew his old wetsuit which i bought several years ago at Das Boot/dusseldorf. Time for something better, warmer and bigger sized!
Neilpryde Next Generation 3000 4x3mm Size 10, as he's 8 years old, he can use it hopefully the coming 2-3 years. Its now a little bit to big. But those buggers keep on growing :)
Yes, its stretchy enough. Next time it'll be Strand Horst.
Last Month my wife got her very first own Roxy syncro 3x2mm wetsuit.
She hasnt been complaining anymore about the coldwater 8-)
and got myself a nice goodie aswell an O'neill Psychofreak 4.5x3.5 for the colder days.

A superwarm stretchy wetsuit...almost too warm.

For most days in the summer is a shorty or shortarm a bit to chilly but a O'neill psychofreak is simply too hot (i noticed). I finally have now a summer fullsuit aswell.
O'neill PSycho2 ZenZip 3x2mm for the summer/autumn days.

My babygirl doesnt need a new one yet. the NP she has,still fits fine.

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