donderdag 23 juni 2011

eveningsession @ Wijk 22th june 2011

Raining raining... on my way to wijk aan zee.
it cleared up while rigging. 8-) The wind was picking up too.
I thought i had the 5.0/5.4/6.6 inside the car, but it seemed i forgot my my 5.0m2!!! Ofcourse the wind was quite heavy and good for 4.7/5.0m2. Sooo i put on a 5.4, trimmed it to its max. with the SOS rocket92 and a to big of a fin 27cm.. (i sold my smaller ones, dont have new one yet.)
My 5.4 trimmed quite max.
I was on the water around 5pm till 9.30pm. Wearing my new O'neill psycho2 Z/Z 3x2mm wetsuit, this was just the suit i needed. Not to cold, and not TOO warm.
I had some nice waverides out there and some jumps and tabletops. Nothing fancy today, i had my hands full on the 5.4m2. SImply said it was to big.
THe waves were at time logohigh and sideon shore conditions.
Windspeeds 14 upto 19ms and about 225degrees SW direction.
Next time i hope there will be good side/sideoff condtions with a bunch of swell coming in.

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