woensdag 19 oktober 2016

One of these days. IJmuiden- NL 2 Oct. 2016

The last 2.5 years i havent been blogging much.  That doesn't mean i havent been on the water :-).

My last wavesession was a few weeks ago @ IJmuiden - NL.  The legendary Red Bull Stormchase part1. location.

A good 30+ knots with decent swell rolling in on 2th oct.2016

Picture by: Jepe.nl Alias J.P. van Popta.  - floaty jump over the breaks. -
I went on the big board, Edbox custom 103L trailer concept, that i love sailing so much.
A small 4.1m2 underneeth, custom made 5-Oceans sail  3.5batten Red river softsail. Trying out the high-end again of this board.  It never dissapoints me whatever sail i use.  It delivers from 4.0 upto 6.2m2. Only by jumping, the landings are quite hard on the knees.  Next storm ill be using my smaller custom  Flikka 'Jesus Christ' board and try out to pull some high airs.


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