zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Sado Power!!! 6.6m2 and the malibu @ Wijk aan zee - 21-8- 2010

25 degrees with mellow conditions.

I took 3 boards with me today, as i didnt know really what to expect. The malibu, SOS 92 and SOS 82.

Once i arrived i decided to go out on my biggest 12 yr old custom malibu Wave Warrior, its been a few years ive been surfing on it.

As everyone was lacking power with 5.3/5.8 i rigged up the tractor, drag machine, the SADO 6.6m2! What a great powersail, it needs good tuning though.

After a bit of sailing and tuning, it felt okay. There were like none waves during afternoon but i had full power. Later on around 5pm the wind got slowly stronger, and the waves were coming. Now it was fun, fully powered up. A 5.3m2 would be fine to at this moment, but as i had another appointment in the evening i didnt want to walk back and change rigs, did not had the time.
Martijn de Man also was out on the 6.6 m2 sado and pulled out some stunts to, i saw him looping backwards several times. Fun to see, big boards and big sails and still looping around. I did a few backloop attempts myself, one of them was a backloop together with martijn on the same wave both same time doing a backloop. Great moments out there. Had a decent table top aswell on the malibu. The malibu felt is was like a 2011 prototype ;o) probably im going to use it another 12 years. Martijn got out for a spin too on my malibu, he enjoyed it as i was surfing on his rrd fws111, felt more like a big boat. But Martijn can handle his boat better then i do.

It was a blast, then al of a sudden the wind got much stronger, so i got to much overpowerd and called it a day.

A 5.4m2 and 80/90L board was a good option for the early evening but i had to get home on time. i took a few shots from the other guys from far away, that before i left home.

Martijn, changed FROM 6.6 to 5.4m2 and from 111L to 93L.

like a kilometer away from where i was standing, but here martijn jibing on the wave.

Martin ten Hoeve aka Lampie came by when the wind picked up.

Torben Tijms with his 5.6 bolt

here i was standing, quite a bit away from the action

The week forecasts looks promising, maybe i get to have some time off work so smaller sails can be used soon!

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