woensdag 4 augustus 2010

2th of august 2010 - Final windsurfday @ GC - Pozo

Day 12 Monday 2th of august 2010 Out of control @ Pozo.

I was sick all night, soar throat, dizzy and more of that nonsense. Yikes.

As it is my last windsurfing day over here at Pozo, we went anyway. Me and Robin went there a bit earlier in the morning for several hours. So we had more time left in the afternoon for a swim with the kids, packing bags etc.

Once we arrived it looked good for 5.0m2, while rigging the wind picked up for 4.5m2. Robin’s choice was a 4.2m2 Combat. Almost done rigging I found out my Dakine T4 harness was stolen out of the car!? F$%# gone. Or had I left it at the parking? I think not. Pff It should of happend yesterday.

I asked the surfshops if someone perhaps dropped a Dakine T4 harness white XL, but no luck there. Robin would lent me his Dakine T3 harness as he was done sailing. Okay no probs, went on rigging, found out my mastbase was gone too. Dang it. For about an hour I have been staring at the horizon, and the surfers.
a Pwa sailor

Made some shots from Robin, as he was way overpowerd with his 4.2m2.

Once I finally hit the water with 4.5m2, the wind picked up so fricking hard. That it was good for 3.3m2. Probably a good 9 beaufort. HAd to put on some rocks on my equipment, prevent it blowing away.

Just the way I like it ;o). But I was hanging onto a 4.5m2.

My mastbase was not at the right place as it didn’t fit well onto my board, non stop spinouts. pff and my sail was like 1.2m2 to big.

I went for a few laps and called it for the day. Went to the Cutre surfshop, sew my new srdm 4.00m2 in half,

so I could take the base back home with me.

The top had a new destination, trashcanmaterial. The kids were in the pool having fun as I was trying to get better on the couch.

A miserable day for me. Time to go home. Back to Holland for some good old time action in the dutch shorebreaks!

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