zondag 1 augustus 2010

1th of august 2010 THIS IS IT! 40+ knots at pozo

Day 11 Sunday 1th of august 2010 Pozo Izquerdo 40+ knots.

A 2nd day of almost no sleep. Got home late from clubbing. Same scenario, kids were early awake (around 7 am). No sleep again. Today it seemed for me the big day! This is it. A day I have been waiting for a long time. The forecasts came out. Finally waves and heavy HEAVY winds. Robin had not much else choice then rigging his smallest sail 3.7m2. As flat trimmed possible. Trying to survive with those gusts. I pulled out my Point-7 Sado 3.3m2 2010 new out of the sack, never been used in action. I had a blast on the water. I rigged the sado 3.3m2 low end and put on my crash vest and helmet. I had so many jumps and backside waverides. One huge jump was unfortunately missed out on camera but several nice jumps were taken. As my camera is not a professional one, it was uploading a few shots which were taking a few seconds before the highest jump. I think the camera needs a faster memorycard. You cant have it all. But it feels great to fly high. And when is this happening in Holland? Swimming shorts sailing with 9-10 beaufort. You gotta love it.

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