donderdag 29 juli 2010

31th july 2010 Finally waves, a quickie with 4.0m2

Day 10 Saterday 31th of july 2010
How fun is that, my babydaughter was awake barely 50 minutes later then when we finished clubbing and finally were laying in bed. No sleep for today I guess. I was a wreck, layed at the pool in the morning with my friend Robin, Jente and my family. Although... it was finally really windy! hmms In the late afternoon we went for a quickie. YES. Rigged the P7 sado 4.0m2 really over the max MAX, flat as possible and had a blast with my SOS 68!!! i love sailing small sizes. Robin went for his 3.7m2 and pulled his forward into catapults. There were moments enough that 3.3m2 could work. Only in the shorebreak it was to minimal. We had both a great time on the water.
As my wife enjoyed the Pacha last night that much, eh..this meant for me another night of clubbing. That night we ended up in the Ministry of sound, Escape and went to several others. But they all didn’t coope with the Pacha. 3 surfdays in a row now and 2 nights of no sleep..But 2morrow its really going to be windy uuh ooh...

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