dinsdag 27 juli 2010

2nd day @POZO - ACTION on the water- 23th of july 2010

Day 2: 23th of july 2010- Location Bahia feliz- the place were we stayed was called monte feliz.

Carlos told us there is always a little breeze 2-4 beaufort here in Bahia feliz, meaning a 6-7 beaufort at Pozo. 7km further down the road.

Unbelievable so windy there

Well today it was quite windy here at Bahia Feliz which could mean heavy winds at pozo. Me and Robin went off to Pozo.

Yes, the first possible day to windsurf at the spot, it was good for rigging the 4.0 m2. which has been 9 months brandnew still in the sack!!! The windconditions at Holland sucks so hard this year. Robin was even able to go 3.7m2 (North Zeta) but as that sail is from the stone age, he went choose his newer NP combat 4.2m2.
As Robin going out here for the first time @ pozo with his 4.2m2

Robin was sailing overpowered and very powerd up, for me the P7 sado 4.0 m2 was a perfect size and combo with the SOS rocket68.

I made a few shots from Robin in action as you can see here below.

Robin unfortunately didn’t know yet how to handle my photocamera, resulting in the pictures below.
with a lot of editing, a few pictures were a bit visable enough to watch.


I did had a few high Jumps and tweaky tabletops, unfortunately these were all missed out on cam.

I’ll have to give Robin a few camera lessons before were going to rip a next day at Pozo :-P.

One of the greatest things id like so much here, was surfing in my swim/surfshorts and lycra. Thats been ages ago.(2006@ Fuerteventura)

Aslike the day before, we ended the day laying at the pool with the kids.

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