zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Gran Canaria POZO - next week!!

Last thursday 15th july, it was windy again (around 7 beaufort) but i wasnt able to go out. Just my luck. When i finished up work, the wind finished too. It saved me a 2 hour drive. Next week looks promising for some action!!! Hopefully 50knots @ the Canary islands - Gran Canaria!!! a bit less knots would be okay too. ;o) Im going with my wife, kids and one of my best friends Robin, and his son. Great combo, haha when i go surfing with Robin, my wife can look out for the kids ;o) Such a sweetheart!

I cant take to much equipment with me, booked 3 surfpackages though, that for 2 persons. im having doubts which board i should take on the plane.

The radical SOS 68 as my wife shows below ;o) which is MY most favourite board of all.

or the great red SOS 82, i guess thats my wifes favourite :P haha

The yellow SOS 92 stays at home for sure. Am not going to sail when there's minimal wind. Windguru's forecasts is shitty, i hear from the guys who are there now its blowing insane. upto 30 to 50 knots.. but windguru and windfinder says 20knots max.
Hmms probably i'll take my 3.3, 4.0 4.5 5.0m2, 2 rdms 370-400 / streamlined boom/ the 5.4 and 430 stays at home. If its not going to be windy for a long time, ill probably rent bigger set. Would love to try out the Quatro Quad 85L

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