donderdag 29 juli 2010

Day 7 28th july 2010 Crocodile parc

Today we went with the kids to the crocodile park.

petting crocs

Took a swim at the pool, did a quick visit at pozo izquerdo.

They were sailing with sails 4.2 to 5.0m2. It seemed once again to minimal for me. There were like none waves. Just lake surfing I guess.

As I had still the stuck mast issue which I need for my 5.0m2 I didn’t went out. Swimming with the kids and ate at a restaurant. Later on the evening we tried everything to get the mast into 2 pieces. With the rental car and formylline rope we tried to get it loose. The rope broke several times trying. As we seem to have minimal days for the rest of our period here, I just have to leave the SOS 68 for what it is, and am going to rent for a few days a Quad Quatro 85L 2010. and sail it with my 5.0m2. Tommorow it should be okay for 5.0m2, for Friday and saterday probably 4.5 or smaller?

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