dinsdag 27 juli 2010

Holidaytime with family and friends @ The Canary Islands – Gran Canaria

The 21th of july, we left one day earlier towards Belgium – Brussel, stayed overnight at Hotel Balladins, which is located next to the airport. So the kids would get enough sleep before departure in the early morning. Earlier this day my mate Robin’s car broke down on his way to my house. Unexpected I had to pick him up last minute in Haarlem, and borrow out my wife's car for the trip to Belgium ;o)

The kids were excited to go on the airplane. The flight went well. For my daughter and Robin’s son Jente, it was the first plane flight ever.

Finally arrived in Gran Canaria Las Palmas, Carlos from cutre, the Pozo team was waiting at the airport with our rides VW polo’s.

We did a quick vieuw at Pozo izquerdo.

Me and my wife.

Look there Jadé where the action is!!

'Mama look there is the action!!!'

My surf friend Robin and his Son Jente

We unpacked, did some groceries and that was the end of day 1. It was windy enough though for a 4.5m2. Our time will come soon!

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