donderdag 29 juli 2010

30th july 2010 brandnew Goya Quad Pro 92L 2011

Day 9, Friday 30th of july 2010. Another 5.0 day @ Pozo Izquerdo.

As my wife gave us permission to go haha, we were up for some windsurfing again, I rented for another day a bigsized board. At the Cutre surfshop, a brandnew Goya Quad pro 2011 92L just came out of the box.

Guess which board i picked for todays session? After a commercial talk about cracks, damages and what you have to pay if you demolish the board or fins. Yeah yeah, i told the guy I heard that one allready yesterday and took this toy out for a spin. I could compare it with my own SOS 92L as it has the same volume which is nice. Okay, first lap...felt okay, kinda sticky. On my way back the footstrap went loose. pfff. had to walk back to the Cutre shop and tightned it again. 2nd try...the turns went good. but for some reason it was not the right shape for me. It felt like it was glued on the water. I like board more loose on the water. After a few jumps and table tops, even did a minimal backloop one of my dakine harnessline broke. Again to the surfshop Cutre to buy me another pair or orange pozo lines :P. Later on the day, the wind suddenly dropped totally, ofcourse while i was quite far out there, landed at the rocks outside the bay. yikes. Tried my best to not damage the board in the shorebreak and its rocks. theyre dang slippery. We didnt make 'action'pictures today. just cruising. Robin as he is a lightweight sailor, was using his biggest sail, which is 4.7m2 and his JP rww 68L.

In the evening, me and my wife went to Playa des ingles. We went clubbing, and ended up in the club, The PACHA. Awesome clubbing there, showed my dancemoves and got home around 6.00 am.

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