dinsdag 27 juli 2010

25th of july 2010. sailsize 3.7 upto 4.5m2 and 11 guys pulling the mast

Off to Pozo Izquerdo.

At the appartment Monte feliz, @Bahia feliz it wasn’t blowing at all, but after checking out the webcam at the wifi area, 7 kilometres down the highway there should be enough wind for some action. Once we arrived, I could rig the 4.0m2 for the second time.

Robin went for his smallest sail north zeta 3.7m2 and his JP real world wave 68L.

He had in the beginning problems with the slippery rocks and shorebreak

they were on the look out too!

So strange its always blowing like insane at pozo, but a few miles ahead there is like no wind at all. Although it was less windy then 2 days ago.
I was lacking power bits with the 4.0 but robin enjoyed sailing his low end rigged 3.7m2. I changed later on the day to 4.5m2 which was better, but still not big enough.

the wind was dropping bits. The waves were quite minimal.

This would be a good day for me, to have a 85L board instead of 68. Not the pozo wind I hoped for.

small jumps

Robin was not the only cameraman around

dropping winds..

My wife and kids came around for a meet and greet/kiss

and went back to the swimmingpool from the apartment. It was to windy at pozo for them!

I tried also the 68 JP real world wave 2008 from robin, it felt like it had more volume then my sos 68 for sure. Now I had the chance to compare them on the same day, with the same sail and wind conditions. Im so sure now that my SOS 68L have way less volume then my former real world wave 69L from 2007. I think the sos 68 actually has about 63L.

Here robin with the 3.7 on his JP rww68 and me with the 4.5m2 on the same board

In the early evening when rigged off, my brand new P7 srdm 4.00m2 got stuck in one piece.
Robin and I tried everything to get it loose.with 2 booms twisting, but no result. A dutch guy came around to help pulling and twisting. Didn’t work out either. 10 minutes later… 5 more guys were helping with pulling… no result.. and we end up with a total of 11 guys pulling the same srdm P7 mast. Result? STILL in one piece.. Must be some kind of record! We even tried oil etc.. It wont get back in the plane like this. Bummer though. I left the mast at the CUTRE surfshop, hopefully they have a mindblowing idea to get it once again in 2 normal pieces. I heard them talking about boiling water.. We ll just have to wait and see.
Way to late we arrived home, quickly brought the kids to bed and had a laugh afterwards.

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