zaterdag 19 juni 2010

IJmuiden, place to be @ 19 -06-2010

Finally a okay wave session!!!

i think almost every dutch wavers went to IJmuiden that day, so crowded!
In the early morning the wind was good for a 5.8/6.2m2

but i had only my 5.4m2 and smaller with me. So i tried out the 5.4m2.

It was minimal with the SOS 82L but had my piece of fun.

Later on i took out the SOS92L instead which was better within these conditions.

Martijn also went out on a 5.4m2 but had his giant RRD 110FW board underneeth.

Here sailing out together both with the 5.4m2.

Martijn playing with the small waves

Around 6/7 pm, the waves got bigger and bigger + the gusts got stronger. A 5.0m2 would be a good choice but as i had been on the water all day, i didnt had the energy left to walk back and change rigs one more time.

i think the waves were about 6/10ft 2/3mtrs, some even bigger in the back.

I had a few great rides in the back, one of them was with Martijn de Man together on the same wave, awesome.

Most of the pictures were taken in the morning and early afternoon, as my father came around to shoot some pictures but left when the wind picked up.

Jepe took some great pictures later on the day, which you can see on the windsurfing forum

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