maandag 30 augustus 2010

Onshore winds with heavy conditions @ wijk aan zee 29th of august 2010

Onshore conditions at Wijk aan Zee /// pictures taken by Wouter IJssel de Schepper. from aboves cameraposition, standing on the blocks.
there were not much people around, so enough space cruising trough the brakes

Rain RAin and more rain today, combined with a few sunny moments.
About 7 beaufort today, rigged the 4.5m2 and SOS82 underneeth.

A out off control backloop..

My friend Wouter, wasnt able to surf himself, so he came by and shoot some pictures! Many thanks.
backside off

going trough the wijk aan zee shorebreaks


Tommorow its going to be an epic day, with sideshore conditions with loads of swell.. Hopefully i can get off work a bit sooner.

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