maandag 30 augustus 2010

great swell and unique sideshore conditions!!! @ IJmuiden 20 august 2010

Afterwork session, i couldnt get the afternoon off from work. I ended up with a evening session. And that on one of the best 'wave'days of the year! Perfect swell, side sideoffwinds. The swell was great, that because the stormy weather from yesterday. The wind blowing all night long in onshore directions, made sure the waves were building up at dawn. THe wind changed from onshore to sideoffshore which made it a special undutch wavesailing day.During the daytime it was good for 4.5-5.0m2. When i arrived the wind dropped unfortunately and i was sailing minimal with the 5.4m2 sado and SOS82. But man oh man, it was so much fun riding those waves, frontside waverides, off the lips, aerial off the lips. Not much of jumping today but that didnt matter at all. Nobody took pictures from today, havent find any yet on the web. I guess everyone was standing on the water themselves. What a day, a day not to forget;

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