dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

evening Gps- speedsession @ Horst 24th of august 2010

Yesterday evening, when i got on the wind dropped. Just my luck. Today I more luck on my side. had still my windsurfgear inside the car. After i finished work, i drove straight to my local spot strand Horst for a short evening session.

There was enough wind this time for the Fanatic Falcon speed board. Yeah! Rigged up my good old Naish Stealth 6.0m2 and put on a caspar elite 25cm speed vin underneeth.
For about one and half hour i been speedsurfing. Thats been ages ago (october 2008?). The wind was at first a bit on and off. (WZW 16-31knots) But as darkness came in + the rain and lightning the wind got stronger.
Tried my best for 5 good runs before dark. But ended up with 3 nice 10seconds runs of 67+ and 2 in the 66+. All the lightning around me wasnt that fun. My personal records were quite outdated, as theyre from october 2008. Its important to have 5 good 10 sec run for a nice average. I had an average 5x10 66,9kmh. PR! I went up 30 places in the world ranking too ;o) from 383 to 350 lol. ( there about 2300 participants worldwide)

My max speed today was 71,9kmh, also for me a new speedrecord.
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But still not totally satisfied, and having a long way to here in this discipline. That makes it fun doing it. Next time (26th of augusts) ill be @ Wijk on my waveboards again.

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