dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Old school @ zandvoort

Eveningsesh at the skyline
6.4 on the malibu it is.
Sailing today in boardshorts and lycra. Felt like surfing gran canaria!! Loving the summerdays at the beach. Old school shizzle.. my Malibu custom
and a Friend took out his stoneage Drops. Both about having the same volume.
Didnt took long before planingtime was over.
I Ate a fishDish
and later on went to a friend Zuke who lives out there. When i left his house it was allready past midnight.. the gasstations were closed and i ran out of fuel. I slept by family who luckily lives nearby Zandvoort. The day after i went home again to my wife and kiddies :-)

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