woensdag 25 juli 2012

Rigsession POINT-7 AC1 2k12 19th of july 2012

the other day i recieved a new 7.9m2 AC1 2K12 PWA edition!
Afterwork i drove last thursday19th of july to Strand Horst and the wind completely died when i got there. hmmm just my luck. okay lets see how the new sail looks like.
with barely a few knots of wind, this sail rotated very easily which is a big improvement to the earlier sails. Sail feels lighter in hands ,cant wait to try it out.
Here my speedsurfbuddy Aart V coming off the water, totally stoked of his challenger racesails '12.
He was quite curious about these sails.
Next time he may do a few laps with AC1 2K12 sails. Forecasts coming week looks like very summerly! Hot, sunny and clear blue skies ;o) but No wind at all. We have to wait that one out i guess.

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