zaterdag 14 juli 2012

WIJKI again! 11th july 2012

Finally a bit of surfing again!
Its been a 2 months or so that i have been wavesailing at wijk aan zee.
The conditions were like very choppy, small messy waves, to much onshore, the wind was on and off al the time. Definately wijkiki not at its best.
But hey. I have been planing again, although i did sailed a bit rusty. :-) i tried a backy and a tabletop and that would be it.
My shizzle wasnt tuned correctly either. To bad, next time ill change some details (dakine contours were to big ( my feet fell out of the straps many times) harneslines to long, baseplate moved al the way forward in the box and it took a bit long before i noticed that, the catapults should of ring a bell lol ;o)
Sailed the 5.4m2 and my LS95.
Overall it was a good choice/setup for todays session.

It was for sure nice to see the whole boardkings (wave)team @wijk!!! (Bart,Peter,Jacco and Erik)

Awesome looking board you got there @Petervg! Quatro quad Ls84 2013.
To bad you could only test the float of the board. Im sure that board will rock when it gets windy.
@ErikH, dude stop speedsurfing at your local speedspot Muiderberg all the time! Im continuesly sailing in your slipstream ;-)

Bring on the better conditions asap!

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