woensdag 18 juli 2012

Wavesesh@ Scheveningen beach 16th july 2012

Afterwork session. as a few teammembers from Boardkings were heading out to Scheveningen, decided to take a look over there. Havent been windsurfing there before, only heard wild stories about it :-)
Quite a drive though, more then an hour on my way. Free parking area was full (of windsurfers) so parked my car right there at the beach. The conditions looked nice, but man o man so crowded! People were all sailing together in the same little area. The level out there was quite high, i saw loads of pushloops and other crazy stuff around me. Cool! I never had a crash sailing into another wavesailor before, but today i had a close call. As i was riding on a wave, going down from a lip to the bottom all of a sudden a sailor came up. he and i both bailed out the wrong direction, it was going to be a crash for sure. We both stepped off before our boards were smashing each other. Straight away both getting washed several times. i have mixed feelings about this spot. short steep waves in front of the breaks, not much space between them. Further on the back no waves, to crowded aswell. I seriously think Wijk aan zee is a much better spot, bigger and longer waves. And even in the back good waves aswell. Also crowded but enough space for everyone.
I've been using the Rocketfish82 and a P7 Sado 2g 4.5m2 as it was quite windy! I didnt had any smaller sails with me, as i was moreless surprised of todays windspeed. some peoplewere sailing 3.7/4.0 and 4.2. Rigging up a 4.5m2 was quite full powered up.
Aslong it took because after a few jumps/landings i started to notice there was something wrong. I guess i broke my board. Two long cracks on the bottum along the sides. the bottomlayer came loose from the core/foam. The bottom was now like a trampoline, a sort of balloon filled with air. :-( My teambuddy from Boardkings Peter van G, was in the newspaper.. (with the quatro ls84 2013) doesnt look like hawaii doenst it ;)

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