maandag 23 juli 2012

Team Boardkings @Wijk aan zee 18-07-2012

Wijki it is!
As i broke my SOS rocketfish Tri 82L waveboard 2 days ago at scheveningen.. thats why i tried today my SOS RF68 (normally my 8+beaufort-board)combined with a sado 2g 4.5m2.
Sailsize 4.5m2 was quite good.
Only the 68L volume was to minimal. to much of a submarine today. I have been washed to many times cause of that. i did had some rides and high jumps and a few tabletops.. but in general i was lacking on volume big times.
I need a 80+L board ASAP! The waves were pretty high today which i LIKE. :-) Members from team boardkings were present aswell!
always a good laugh with those surf junky's!
well it was fun to be out there again.. All smiles :o))

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