woensdag 4 juli 2012

Point-7 comes out with the SWAG 3 batten wavesail !!!

Teaser Alert! 3-Batten?
You’ve seen the 4-batten Salt, now get ready for the 3-batten SWAG. The first prototypes have been tested to perfection with Black Team Rider Adam Lewis taking the sails with him to Pozo for the PWA Gran Canaria World Cup taking place this week. Your first question? IS IT STABLE?! Hint: Yes, it is! Perfect for freestyle and wavesailing, the Swag has a wide range and a huge drive, due to the high-aspect ratio outline and shorter boom length, keeping balanced in maneouvres and jumps. Using three radial Kevlar ‘twist control panels’ allows a homogeneous feel and response from the whole rig when under load; giving you the stability you would normally expect in a 4-5 batten sail! The features you’ve come to love in our wave sails like the full X-Ply body construction for durability, 3-roller stainless steel downhaul pulleys for ease of rigging and a stitchless section on the sail bottom to reduce wear-and-tear from your board’s deckgrip are all here; and now minus a batten the sail’s overall weight is down to a staggering 2.5kg for a 5.1m production sail and 2.1kg for the 3DL version. 3DL? Yes, we plan to also produce a 3DL version of the sail through our Handcrafted Series designed and built here in Italy. Stay tuned for more updates on this sail right here on the P7 Blog. And in the meantime watch this video with Adam Lewis showcasing the sails ability in Pozo using a 3.7m during the PWA Gran Canaria World Cup! www.point-7.com

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