donderdag 19 mei 2011

Spin off- Fishing trip with family @ France part2 !!!

Finally i had some time to upload a bunch of pictures from our yearly fishingtrip - MAY 2011 - France.

This year we went to the ABBEYLAKES, about an 450km drive from where i live.
We left about 4:00AM and arrived about 8:45AM.

My dad and his grandson.
The Clubhouse of ABBEY,
Kingfisherslake where the monsters should be at.
Our rib boat, for placing the buoys and attaching the breaklines.
We had loads to unpack and make a lot of rigs. 6 rods werer going to be used for catfish.
What a mess in those boxes.. Gladly we didnt forget those tiny details.
With a depth/fishfinder we checked the circumstances below. Row Row the boat. Searching for potential hotspots.
Looks beautifull... Just me and my family.
Around dinnertime someone from the Abbey-complex was delivering food. How great is that.
Lets see how the bottom of the lake looks like at our hotspots... GOPRO DOWNUNDER !! That was fun.
A few GOPRO shots:
live bait above the weed
Mosquito time @ nights yikes.
he is on a row now, catching one to another.
My son rowing in circles and enjoying al those little tiny bugs onshore.
Yes he did fell in the water, but kept his tshirt dry.
Go to sleep little bugger! ;)
Unhooking the catfish.. You can see the live bait/eel trying to escape.
My son enjoying the sunset.
My dad holding onto a huge one.
Say cheeeeese :o)
A big Catfish, 1.60mtr!!! Me and my son
One of the Buoys.
My son caught so many little fishes. I think they called Bluegill sunfish
This is called a roach/rudd? hmm in the Netherlands we got loads of these swimming in the lakes
checking the baits
Another big one, at night.
The roads werent all that..
Enjoying the vieuw
They are sooo slippery, difficult to hold on.
Grandpa, Pa and sun. Entire generation holding onto a catfish 1.75mtr.
About 35kilo.. like half the weight of my personal record catfish. That one i caught in Italy-Po about 70kilo. But still great sport and exciting to see my son holding onto such bigones.
setting it back in his envirement.
This is how you catch the bigger catfish. A Big rock, heavy rope to the Buoy. a little coloured ball with a clip. The breakline you attach to your 'dobber' / the floater and attach it to the clip. When i Catfish grabs the livebait it should hook itself by breaking the lines.
Using live baits.. an eel, which was almost just as long as the predator that took it. It didnt go trough the breaklines. In the early evening when i checked all of the 6 live baits.. i noticed there was something going on underneeth when i pulled up the eel. A fun drill followed by hand. A nice Pike 80cm.
My dad didnt knew onto which rod the catfish was hanging on. The catfish swim trough the bouays and trough other lines. It was one big mess. Finally my dad end up holding one rod in his hand from the side, and i went into the boat holding on the other rod... Tried to solve out the knots and get rid of the buoy where it got stuck on.. After a moment we thought the catfish was gone.. but al of a sudden, i noticed it was on my rod, which i had in that little boat. This catfish pulled me everywhere he went, and was dragging me with him. When i reached shore, my dad had the honor to get it out of the water.
My dad enjoying his holiday.
My son in action. holding my CJW Catfish rod, and ABU7000LD reel.. the funny thing was.... he was just pulling in the live bait at this moment.
It was a succesfull fishingtrip. We all caught our little and bigger fishes. For now, on to the next year.

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  1. Er mooi verslag, ik krijg steeds meer zin om die kant op te gaan, ik kan haast niet wachten