zondag 15 mei 2011

15-5-2011 cruising @ Horst with the 7.9m2

Sunday late midday, i went to my cruising and speedingspot Strand Horst.
Hoping to give it a go, with my newest toy, the AC-1 2k11 7.9m2.
But once I arrived, the wind looked a bit too strong for the 7.9m2, so i rigged the 7.2m2 instead, with a C3 34cm Venom underneeth my FF102. A few laps later, ofcourse the wind dropped.
Hmms Okay, i wanted to try out my biggest sail anyway, and rigged the 7.9m2. I'm getting used rigging those sails now. Its goes quicker each time. I switched the fins aswell. A C3 Sting 38cm should do the job.
Settings for today: 7.9M2: Recommended mast P7-460 C100, streamlined extension set on +36cm and a boomlength 207,5 cm.
(A shorter boomlenght 205cm would give even more pull, but im not sure my boom is wide enough.As in this setting the sail was going over the sides of the boom) I will try that setting next time anyway. For now i was just cruising around the lake...enjoying my big sail and my new wetsuit 'O'neill Psychofreak'. I took my GoPro cam with me and had some nice long laps on film.

The conditions today: waterdepth -14cm NAP / 10-21knots / WNW direction
I havent been speeding today, only cruising the lake with speeds around 50km/h. I surfed a little distance of 45 kilometer before i called it a day.
One of these (summer)days, i'm planning to do a bit of long-distance. Making it myself not to difficult, so ill try about 200+ km at first and work on from there. Im not sure if a 102L is the right board to do it with 7.2/7.9m2 sails as im barely floating on it. Perhaps i'll loose in the meantime a bit of weight and it'll be perfect ;o)

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  1. Wanneer kunnen we een uitgebreid verslag lezen?? Ik ben zo benieuwd..kussie

  2. grappenmaker ;o)
    zaterdag gaan we samen surfen moppie! Jij in je nieuwe wetsuitje. sexy hoor!

  3. Wordt het lekker weer dan? xx Tessa