zondag 22 mei 2011

Familyday @ Strand Horst 21th may 2011

Another sunny windless day @ the beach horst

For my little 2year old daughter it was the first time in her life, 'windsurfing'.
For my wife it was the first time of this year being on a surfboard and she did well. Need a little practise still ;o)
Later on we all three were on the same board windsurfing up and down the lake on the Fanatic Viper, rounding the yellow buoy.
A beautifull day indeed..
Having an BBQ afterwards.

What shall i do tomorrow, join the very first USM Ultimate Speed Meeting of this year at my local spot Strand Horst...or have a wavesession @ Sea.
The wind isnt very strong.. but hard enough to have some fun on both spots...

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