dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Spinoff - Off to France - Family Fishtrip! 03 till 08th May 2011

Almost every year me and my dad go out for a little fishtrip. That on several locations within Europe and try to catch some big catfish. This time my son is going with us for the first time in his life. He find it very exciting as he's 8years old and never catched any catfish before, or haven't been fishing during the nighttime from a tent. I'ts going to be a trip of 5 days, as his schoolholiday ends next sunday. A trip with a little bit of 'luxury' at the fishingspot. Over there the host bring food to where your tent is placed, you can have crossaints and baquettes in the morning, a clubhouse nearby with a shower/toilets/store and free wifi. (1kilometer away from the tent)
The weatherforecast at the location looks warm and sunny.
Got all my windsurfgear taken out of the car now from my last trip, and started packing again for our fishtrip.
Fully packed and ready to go.
Time to relax, time to catch some catfish!

Updates will follow anytime soon

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