zondag 22 mei 2011

Sunny GOPRO Wavesession @ Wijk aan ZEE- 22th of may 2011

Decided to go to the beach instead of joining the USM @ Horst... a great decision that was!!
By arrival, nice waves, nice winddirection and even the watertemperature was nice. and more then enough wind!!
At Horst the wind was less.. a good decision not to go :)
My friend Martijn de Man joined me on the water. For him it was about 6 months ago that he's been windsurfing because of his nasty kneeinjurie. Today was like the good old times, that we were both sailing with the sado's.

Quite crowded at the parking of Wijk.
Once i was standing on top of the dunes..More wind then id expected.
Decided to rig up a 4.5m2 sado with the SOS rocketfish 82L and MUfin Xwave22cm. Martijn de Man went out with his Fanatic twinzer 92L and 4.7m2 sado. A bigger board and bigger sail for him. During the day, i had mixed feelings about my choice of smaller sailsize. I did plane more then enough and had nice jumps and rides.. but so many people were sailing 4.7 or bigger. While im more heavy then average wavesailor. i wasnt full power at all, which i like most. At times lacking to much power. But once finally arrived there at the shorebreak, its not crossing my minds go walk hundred miles back towards the car to switch my 4.5 sail into a 5.0m2. Surprisingly enough i did had a whole lot of fun sailing today. Only a 5.0m2 would of been better for me.
The walk is more exhausting then being 5,5 hours on the water ;o)
I took my GOPROhd cam with me today on the water, and got loads of muvees to edit..someday. Lol.
One of the many tabletops on GoPro -screenshot-
Another one of my favourite -Tabletop-
'Hey Martijn, did you see that last one'

Its really fun seeing afterwards at home, what an awesome day it actually was and relive those wonderfull moments again.

Going for the lip....
and SMASHING it here below.. Cut Back.
I been sailing from about 2:30pm until 8:00pm. I was so wasted at the end.. With a final treat at the end, walking a marathon trough the dunes again. Mann i was so thirsty after drinking 5.5hours salt water. :-/

Packed and ready to go home..
Up to the next session!

On my way home... my car almost broke down.. so it was an unexpected lonnnngg slowly drive home. Gotta get my car getting fixed now ASAP before i can go surfing again. Please more of these days anytime soon!

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